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Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

This idiom means don’t spend your time worrying about things that have happened and cannot be changed. This is a classic old idiom that warns people not to worry or be upset about things that have already happened or cannot be undone. It is reminding you to focus on the future not the past.
Note: another variation of this idiom is “don’t cry over spilled milk”.
Don’t cry over spilt milk As with most old sayings not much is known of the origin of this idiom. Most sources point to the 1888 book ‘Banking under Difficulties’ by George Ogilvy Preshaw as the first use of the form we see today.
A man who had just been robbed of his cash, despite his current predicament, states ‘It was no use, however, crying over spilt milk’.

If you fail an exam and you are constantly upset letting it interfere with your schoolwork, you could be said to be crying over spilt milk.

When the factory closed down, the employees agreed there was no point crying over spilt milk.

It’s only a broken nail Mary, don’t cry over spilt milk.

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