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All the Rage: Origin and Meaning

When something has become very popular and everyone wants to have it.
All the Rage To understand the meaning of this idiom, you have to look at the origin of the word “rage”, which derives from the Latin word “rabia” or the Old French word “ rage or raige”, meaning madness, insanity and anger.

If something becomes very popular, people go crazy for it, so the meaning, in this case, is quite literal. It is a bit unclear when the expression “all the rage” was first used, but it is believed that it dates back to the mid-1800s in England.
The Beatles were all the rage when my parents were young.

– Hoverboards are all the rage! Every kid asks for one for their birthday!

– I can’t book a table in that new restaurant down the street. It’s all the rage, and the next available table is next month.
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