Rise and Shine: Origin and Meaning

To ask someone to wake up with a smile and do the daily chores with positivity and energy. To become better at what one does and to excel.
Rise and Shine The idiom “Rise and shine” is a common English expression which is most often affectionately used in UK households to incite family members to get up, out of bed and start the day positively. The intonation is sing-song like and happy.

The origins are a bit vague but it is believed that it originated from 18th century sailor speak. As you can imagine, the work of a sailor was not an easy one. Sailors had to work hard to steer the ships, brace terrifying weather conditions, clean the decks and so on and so forth. They led an exhausting life, waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed once the sun had set. Having to get up so early to face the day was daunting, therefore this phrase was coined to inject positivity and cheer in order to prepare the sailors for the day ahead.

The idea was that if you start your day positively then that positivity will continue throughout the day, and your work will be better and more productive.
– Wakey, Wakey! Rise and shine, sleepy head!

– When I was a teenager all I wanted to do was sleep. I hated it when my mother would cheerfully chirp: “It’s time to get up, you two! Rise and shine!”

– I am tired of doing the same old stuff at work. I want to rise and shine.

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