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On its Last Legs: Origin and Meaning

If someone or something is on its last legs, they are in a bad condition and will soon be unable to work properly.
This idiom originated in the 16th century. At this time, if someone was on his/her ‘last legs’, it meant they were near bankruptcy. It later went on to mean that something/someone was near the end of its/their working life.
“The plumber said that the washing machine is on its last legs. I think we should buy a new one now before it completely floods the kitchen.”

on its last legs “I’m not sure Paul will be able to finish the marathon. He’s so tired and it looks like he’s on his last legs.”

Anna: “I still can’t believe I had to throw away the car. I’m so sad.”
John: “I can’t believe that you’re surprised – you had that car for 15 years! It was really on its last legs.”
Anna: “Yes, I know. But it was my first car and had so many memories!”
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