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Pleased as Punch: Origin and Meaning

To be extremely happy and chuffed about something.
Pleased as punch

As Pleased as Punch derives from the traditional Victorian puppet show characters, Punch and Judy. Punch is an evil and grotesque character who takes a great deal of pleasure out of inflicting pain or anguish on other people. Every time he does something horrible he is extremely happy and self-satisfied, making him one of the most malicious and sadist characters that has ever existed in puppet show history. In fact, this crazy-eyed, hook-nosed character ends up whacking his wife to death, but also his infant child, along with a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer and the Devil – all with a smile on his face. Nowadays, we cannot condone Punch’s behaviour, but the idiom is still in use and is indirectly linked to the pleasure Punch got from being wicked.

– “I’ve passed my driving test! I’m as pleased as Punch

– “Your mum will be as pleased as Punch when she sees the car you bought her for her birthday!”

– “The President was jailed for 10 years for accepting bribes. Everyone was as pleased as Punch when he was locked up and put away for good!”
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