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On the Cards: Origin and Meaning

Something is possible or likely to happen.
Blind leading the blindThis idiom originated in the early 1800s and is related to the use of tarot cards. Tarot cards are special cards with pictures on which people use to predict the future. If someone who believes in tarot cards has their fortune read and a prediction is made, they would think that it is very likely to happen as it was shown ‘on the cards’.
“I was talking to Peter last night and I think a wedding is definitely on the cards next year for him and Sarah.”

“A company restructure is still on the cards if business doesn’t improve by January.”

Jane: “Did I tell you that Tom started tennis lessons last month?”
Lucy: “Fantastic. How’s he doing?”
Jane: “He’s doing well but I don’t think a championship title is on the cards anytime soon!”
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