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Cold Feet: Origin and Meaning

To become nervous or frightened to do something you had planned to do.
Cold feetThe exact origin of this idiom is unknown; however, many people believe that it is a military phrase. If a soldier became too scared to go into battle, he would complain that his feet were frozen as a way to avoid fighting or to enter the battle slowly.
“Jason was just about to bungee jump from that bridge but he got cold feet and didn’t do it.”

“They asked me to sing at the concert last night but I couldn’t. After seeing how many people were in the audience I got cold feet.”

Sally: “Are you looking forward to your wedding tomorrow?”
Anita: “Of course. I’m a bit worried about Jack though. He’s been acting strange recently and I’m worried he’ll get cold feet and not turn up at the church!”
Sally: “Don’t be silly, Jack loves you. I’m sure he’ll be there.”
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