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Pull out All the Stops: Origin and Meaning

To do everything you possibly can to make something successful or to achieve something.
pull out all the stopsThis idiom originates from pipe organs, large instruments that are found in churches and cathedrals. On a pipe organ there are many ‘stops’ that control how much air goes through the pipes and this controls the volume. When you want to play as loudly as possible, you need to pull out all the stops!
“I had such a great time at your wedding. Your parents must have pulled out all the stops to make it so incredible.”

“Sales have been really low this year. It’s time for us to pull out all the stops, otherwise we may have to close the business.”

Chris: “Welcome back Emma! How was your honeymoon?”
Emma: “It was amazing. The travel agent really pulled out all the stops to make it special for us. They even upgraded our flights to first class!”
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