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Quit Your Bellyaching: Origin and Meaning

You can say this to someone if you want them to stop complaining or moaning.
Quit your bellyachingThe origin of this idiom is unknown. ‘Bellyaching’ was first used as slang for ‘complaining’ in the 1880s but no-one is sure why. It is possible that it started being used as people who have belly aches often complain about them! The phrase ‘quit it’ is often used if you want to tell someone to stop doing something; so ‘quit your bellyaching’ combines ‘quit it’ and the slag word ‘bellyaching’ to mean ‘stop your complaining’!
Quit your bellyaching! You’ve been moaning all day!”

“I know she doesn’t have any money but I wish she would quit her bellyaching and get a job.”

Steve: “Hi Julie. How are you today?”
Julie: “Not good actually. I have a headache, my back hurts, I’m exhausted, I have no money, I hate my job… Hey, Steve, where are you going? Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me?”
Steve: “Well, if you quit your bellyaching maybe they would!”
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