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Like Turkeys Voting for Christmas: Origin and Meaning

“Like turkeys voting for Christmas” or “like turkeys voting for an early Christmas” means to choose to accept a situation that will have very bad results for you in the future.
like turkeys voting for ChristmasThe exact origin of this idiom is unknown; however, it is quite clear to see why it started being used. Turkeys are large birds which are often eaten on Christmas Day in the UK. If a turkey voted to have an early Christmas, they would be voting for something that would be very bad for them – they would be eaten!
Café owners asking people to make their own coffee at home would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas if people ask for transport prices in London to rise!

Jane: “Is your mother-in-law coming to stay with you next week?”
Sarah: “Yes, actually I told her she can stay for a few months if she wants to.”
Jane: “But you don’t get on very well with her! You’re like a turkey voting for an early Christmas!”
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