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Students Testimonials

  • The Bloomsbury International language school is a language school based in the centre of London. They offer courses like Business English, Communication classes or exam preparation courses for different levels.
    Since day one you are supported by a team of cooperative people who try to help you finding appropriate courses for you. Additionally, they describe the different types of accommodation or organise airport transfers if needed.
    On your first day of school, they are testing your English skills in a personal interview which is in my opinion important for finding out the matching English courses. After you are allocated to courses, the first lesson starts directly.
    The teachers of the Bloomsbury language school have been chosen after strict criteria which is noticeable during the whole school day. The lessons are structured in a useful manner and personal requirements are tried to be embedded. The classes offer a pleasant learning atmosphere because the size is limited and the relationship between the students and teachers is friendly.
    Personally, I feel in good hands at the Bloomsbury language school. Besides the very good organisational support, I can read a quick and noticeable progress regarding my English skills.
    All in all, I would recommend this language school to everybody who wants to improve his or her English skills and would like to have a great time on the side.

    Maja (Germany) 8th Nov 2019

  • I want to share my feedback on the wonderful Bloomsbury International school. It was the first study trip to London for me. I’ve always wanted to improve my English but there was no opportunity for practice in my home country. As soon as the opportunity arose I went to London. I started speaking right away, on the first day of school because of the fabulous teachers working in this school. Can you imagine! What a miracle! For years I could not overcome the language barrier in my home country, and in this wonderful school, talented and fabulous teachers work wonders. My teachers were Edward and Olga. Thank you for the great work you have dedicated your life to! Thanks to the organizers and leaders of such an excellent school! I would also like to thank the girls working at the reception who were very sweet and helpful! Of course, I’ll come more than once to study in such a wonderful school. Bloomsbury International, you are the best!!!

    Goar (Russia) 27th Sep 2019

  • Dennis was the best English teacher I have ever had. He prepared lessons very well and showed much passion in every class. He was very kind to all students. Also, the staff at school were very helpful whenever I had questions. I really enjoyed the time at this school.

    Jeongeun Kim (Korea) 5th July 2019

  • I loved studying at Bloomsbury International because of their friendly environment. Made me feel comfortable.

    Marina Duarte Pellegrino (Brazil) 21st June 2019

  • Very flexible and specifically focused on what I needed to improve on.

    Conor Spence(UK) 14th June 2019

  • This is my second time to study in Bloomsbury. And I’m so happy to came back here. Teacher ‘ James ‘ he’s so kind and all my classmates are very friendly. Thank you so much and I will tell my friends in my country about this school.

    Ployvarin Tinnaphat(Thailand) 7th June 2019

  • It was so nice to study here at this school. I think it will help me a lot and I will be better at my English class at German school. It made a lot of fun and all the people here are so friendly and nice. Thank you very much for this amazing two weeks!

    Lena, H.(Germany) 3rd May 2019

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful experience.
    I found myself really comfortable in my course and that is because of my teacher that was always available if someone had a problem.

    Also a big thank you to the Registrars that were really nice and available from the start.
    All in all… Great experience.

    Danielle (Germany) 26th April 2019

  • It was a pleasure for me to be in this school. I have learned a lot and progressed during these 3 months thanks to the proposed teaching. Olga and Fay have helped me a lot. Also my accommodation with the school was very good. Thanks to Bloomsbury school.

    Susan (Angola) 15th April 2019

  • The school is very good. The stuff is friendly and supportive. The location is convenient. The lessons are very interesting and sometimes even funny. The best school I have ever been to – I came here for the second time, because I really do like the school, how well organized lessons are and pretty got people in here, especially the teachers! They give a lot useful information which i use all around. I will be back in summer with my mother and brother. I nearly cry leaving it.

    Sofia B. (Germany) 1st March 2019

  • James and Simon’s classes were very interesting. Both of them helped me a lot with my pronunciation and provided me qualified strategies to deal with CAE’s exam. I really enjoy my classes not only because the level of the teachers was a good one, but also because they made the classes more and more interesting, giving us the opportunity to connect the classes with real topics, and everyday situations.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Francesco P (Italy) 8th February 2019

  • I’ve really enjoyed my time in this school. Everybody of the staff has always answered my questions and explained the problems. I would probably never forgot lot of new words because of the teacher – Zoe was the best supporter I could had. If you like to feel the energy of Fay in a class you need to be there. Thank you Frits for you explanation in business English and Steph for using of “juicy”.

    Jana (Czeck Republic) 17th December 2018

  • Originally from Ecuador came here in this excellent school with my second nationality German to boost and refresh my English. I did it successfully. I will be there again to refresh it next year like every year.

    Ronald (Germany) 7th December 2018

  • Thank you very much. Teachers are very nice. I could make a lot of nice friends. I want to study more here.

    Taeko (Japan) 30th November 2018

  • Cedric, English school student London

    I had a really good time here at Blomsbury. The teachers made really interesting lessons. Thank you Bloomsbury! It was a great time!

    Cedric (Switzerland) 23rd November 2018

  • Great school! Very welcoming and friendly staff and fantastic teachers! Highly recommend! All my teachers were very good – I highly appreciate all my teachers’ efforts doing the lessons interactive and funny and I would like to thank them for being so patient with me although I hardly ever did my homework 🙂 I really enjoyed being a student in Bloomsbury school as I made a lot of new friendships and had great time there. If I had the opportunity to come back in Bloomsburry, I would take advantage of that!

    Milen (Bulgaria) 16th November 2018

  • Tsultrim, English school student London

    Thank you very much! If I have got a chance to join to your school next year, I will contact you because I need to learn English language and I like your school because it is fantastic. In this time I am very happy in your school and my English teacher is very good qualified teacher and my English is also much better than before, for these reasons I am strongly thinking to study English more next year. Thank you very much for everything

    Tsultrim (Nepal) 9th November 2018

  • I really liked studying at this school, because I had very good teachers and I got to know a lot! The lessons were very interesting and useful! Now i feel that I am prepared for the IELTS exam. I am planning to come back, to improve my language and bring my family with me! Looking forward to continue studying in Bloomsbury International in April!

    Sofia 2nd November 2018

  • Kaan, English school student London

    I had a chance to fun lots of time.education of school was valuable for me.thanks for everthing

    Kaan (Turkey) 26th October 2018

  • Laercio, English school student London

    It was a very good experience, despite so short: just one week. The ambient in the class was very friendly among teacher and students. This made the lessons profitable.
    Thank you very much.

    laercio antonio (Brazil) 12th October 2018