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The teachers always support us and teach us new things

Chiara Badorelli

Q: What did you think aboout you teachers and classes?
It was really fun, the teachers always support us and teach us new things. I loved that our teacher James took us to Covent Garden.

Q: Has your English improved?
I think it has. I have learnt a lot of new words and vocabulary.

Q: What did you like best about the school?
That I got to make a lot of friends from different countries and that our teachers really care about us.

Q: What’s your favourite place in London? Why?
My favourite place in London was Covent Garden. It was a lovely place as is Notitng Hill. Both have a lovely environment.

Q: What will be your best memory from this trip?
Mamma Mia is one of the best bits but I can’t choose only one – I also loved The Harry Potter Studios and MadameTussauds.

Chiara Badorelli (Uruguay) 7th February 2020

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