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Students Testimonials

  • harumi, english school student london

    My accommodation is very clean and comfortable. My host mother always takes care of me. She always keeps her house clean and prepares for me breakfast and dinner.

    Also she prepares for me healthy food – for example fruits, yogurt and so on, and sweets – for example handmade cakes, ice creams and so on. When I eat dinner she always tries to stay with me and tells me about her family, UK, her country and so on.

    Harumi (Japan) August 2013

  • michele, english school student london

    My impression of the school is great! The teachers are always available, the language school is homely and reception is available for the students with all the information we need.

    Michele (Italy) August 2013

  • Inessa

    I found all the teaching staff in school very encouraging and helpful. All facilities are made for students to enjoy their studying time.

    Free of charge computer room, cafeteria where you can buy food at reasonable prices, light and airy classrooms. I like the central location of the school, there is a small park nearby. The English language school has a wide and interesting social programme.

    Inessa (Finland) July 2013

  • Gulsen, english school student london

    I have been at Bloomsbury for two weeks. These two weeks have been great. I took CAE classes in the morning and one-to-one classes in the afternoon. I improved very much in these two weeks.

    The teachers were kind and knowledgeable, especially my one-to-one teacher who taught me a lot of techniques to improve my reading skills. It was not only the teaching part that was great, but especially the social contacts with the teachers. The registrars were very helpful and kind.

    I really felt at home and would like to recommend to all students who want to learn English properly to come to Bloomsbury.

    Gulsen (Holland) July 2013

  • Katharina, english school student london

    The housekeeper was very friendly from the beginning. She told me everything I needed to know. The accommodation and also the room were clean and nicely done up.

    From the accommodation to the school is easy and doesn’t take too much time to get there.

    All in all, I’m very satisfied!

    Katharina (Germany) June 2013

  • Manuel, english school student london

    After 7 weeks in Bloomsbury, taking a super intensive course which means I spent almost my whole day in the school, I have to say I made the best decision by choosing it.

    I’ve had a great time with lovely people and excellent teachers. However, what I like the most is that I’ve made friends from many different cultures and of course I’ve boosted my English amazingly.

    Manuel (Colombia) June 2013

  • Wanrae, english school student london

    A foreign language must be learnt in childhood. After a certain age, taking up studying a foreign language is so challenging.

    After having worked as a surgeon for more than a decade in Istanbul, I made a clean break and decided to come to the UK with no English.

    When I first came, I couldn’t speak any English at all. You can never guess how difficult it was. Soon after, I was recommended to study at Bloomsbury which was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

    After nearly a year I took the IELTS exam and got the mark I required which was 7.5. Now I’m working as a surgeon and I believe that Bloomsbury has considerably contributed to my career in the UK.

    The teachers I had were amazing. The things they taught me are facilitating my professional life. I am really grateful to all of you.

    Turhan (Turkey) May 2013

  • Andrea

    I’m Andrea, I’m from Italy and I’m 36 years old. I’ve been in Bloomsbury International for 8 months. When I arrived, I couldn’t speak English, my first class was at pre-intermediate level.

    Now I finished the course studying in an IELTS class and I can think about studying at university.

    I’ve known many teachers and I think they are really prepared and accurate. All staff is very helpful and kind. Personally, I believe that Bloomsbury International is an excellent English language school. I can really suggest it to everyone who wants to learn English.

    Andrea (Italy) May 2013

  • Ana, english school student london

    It has been a very good experience due to the quality of the classes and also because all the teachers and staff in the school are very friendly.

    I definitely recommend Bloomsbury International to everyone who wants to boost his/her English.

    Ana (Spain) April 2013

  • Delphine, english school student london

    Dear Bloomsbury teachers,
    Thanks for your welcome. I am sure I improved my English here with your help.

    If I need to learn more, I will come back here of course.

    See you soon!!

    Delphine (France) April 2013

  • Loic, english school student london

    The courses and the activities provided were great. The staff was wonderful. They helped me a lot in organising my group’s stay here.

    Apart from the weather, everything was cheerful!

    Loic – La Ligue group leader (France) March 2013

  • Claire, english school student london

    Before taking the TOEIC exam in March 2013, I attended an English class for 9 weeks at Bloomsbury International.

    This school allowed me to boost my English very quickly and so I got a score of 945 for my Listening and Reading TOEIC exam!

    Bloomsbury’s teachers and staff are really engaged and friendly. They always listen to students in order to help them improve their English skills. I truly recommend Bloomsbury International to all the students who want to come to London to learn, improve or perfect their English in the best conditions.

    Claire (France) March 2013

  • John, english school student london

    I have studied in bloomsbury for 6 months. My English has improved a lot and this is the most important thing because I’m planning to study in London next year…

    It was fantastic, very good atmosphere and friendly as well.. The teachers are so friendly and they are always keen to help you. I have made very good friends there, and I will never forget this experience…Thank you for everything.

    John (Greece) February 2013

  • Kentaro, english school student london

    This year was one of the most fulfilling year of my life! It is thanks to the great teachers and the language school, the people who supporting me.

    I got to be able to tell a joke with teammates of darts now. I have been practicing hard every day and aiming for the world. Thank you so much, Bloomsbury!!

    Kentaro Suzuki (Japan) November 2012

  • Stella, english school student london

    I never been in this school before even if I am living in London since the 7th Jul 2011………. I decided to book my general English course and I really enjoy it……….

    Everyone was nice and kind with me from the first day especially the receptionist ladies who made me feel comfortable to become part of the school.

    I recommend this school to everyone that seriously wants to improve the English and meet people from different countries. The teachers are very friendly and make you feel welcome with open arms and take care of your English comprehension.

    Stella Palombelli (Italy) October 2012

  • Maria, english school student london

    What can I say!! I’ve been 3 months here at Bloomsbury. I think this experience is marvellous, because here in London you can see everything and find people polite, funny, extrovert, shy etc.

    That is how I found people in the school. It is for that I’m enjoying every class and every person here. Thank god for this gift.

    Maria Alejandra Castellano (Columbia) October 2012

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