Trinity GESE Exam Preparation

TrinityTrinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are one of the international English language tests offered by Trinity College London, which test speaking and listening skills.

Trinity GESE is commonly used for Secure English Language Test (SELT) purposes in the UK, as it is approved for UK visa or settlement purposes by the Home Office. It is also recognised internationally in various sectors including business, education, health, and the media.

To learn how to study for the exams, you will firstly be advised by our trained teachers what they consist of. In short, the exams cover a range of topics and tasks, and take the form of an unscripted conversation with an examiner from Trinity College London. They are available in many countries and can be taken throughout the year at Trinity exam centres.


The tasks that candidates undertake demand a more advanced use of English as they move up the grades. Rather than simply responding to a series of prompts, candidates at higher grades are expected to take more responsibility for directing and controlling the conversation.

GESE GradeCEFR Level
Initial Grade1 Pre-A1
Grade2 A1
Grade3 A2.1
Elementary Grade4 A2.2
Grade5 B1.1
Grade6 B1.2
Intermediate Grade7 B2.1
Grade8 B2.2
Grade9 B2.3
Advanced Grade10 C1.1
Grade11 C1.2
Grade12 C2

Our qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers deliver lessons based on their learners’ needs, ensuring that you improve your English and practise the exam skills at the same time. The lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and topical communication skills, as well as conversational strategies and mock tests.

The exam fee is approximately £150. For exam dates and fees, as well as availability, please visit the Trinity College London website or contact us [email protected] or assistance.

Course Details
Class size Average 12, Maximum 16
Start Any Monday (except public holidays)
Course length 1 week +
Minimum age 16
Levels A1 – C2 (Elementary – Proficiency)
Days Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

Course Options
Lessons (pw)Class times
Standard Morning 20 (15 hours) 9:00 – 12:15
Standard Afternoon 20 (15 hours) 13:00 – 16:15
Standard Plus Morning 30 (22.5 hours) 9:00 – 12:15 & 13:00 – 14:30
Standard Plus Afternoon 30 (22.5 hours) 13:00 – 16:15 & 16:30 – 18:00
Intensive 40 (30 hours) 9:00 – 12:15 & 13:00 – 16:15
Super Intensive 50 (37.5 hours) 9:00 – 12:15 & 13:00 – 16:15 &
16:30 – 18:00

*Break times: (Adult AM: 10.30-10.45; PM: 14.30-14.45/Young Learners: 10.00-10.10 + 11.00-11.10)

What is the main focus of this course?

  • To develop confidence in your communicative skills through an increasing degree of linguistic demands
  • To enhance your ability to initiate and take control of spoken interaction
  • To build motivation as you chart your progress through the 12 grades from absolute beginner to proficiency
  • To provide guidance and tips in order for you to maximise your chance of passing the chosen grade
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