Created on 07 October 2013
Cool as a cucumber
Extremely calm, relaxed and in control of your emotions.
cool as a cucumber
This phrase may have originated from the fact that even in hot weather, the inside of cucumbers are approximately 20 degrees cooler than the outside air. Therefore, a person who stays cool, calm and relaxed in a difficult situation can be compared to a cucumber staying cool inside, even in hot weather!

“I know that Tom was really nervous before his bungee jump but he looked as cool as a cucumber.”

“I don’t understand how you can stay cool as a cucumber when you give presentations to more than 100 people. I get so nervous and I always mix up my words.”

Rob: “When is your job interview?”
Sue: “Tomorrow. I’m so nervous!”
Rob: “Don’t worry. Just act as cool as a cucumber and tell them you’re the best person for the job. You’ll be fine!”

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