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1. Where _______ from?
2. I have two _______, a boy and a girl.
3. This is my brother. _______ name’s Peter.
4. Where is my mobile phone? It’s _______ the table.
5. The restaurent is quite _______ but the food there is very good.
6. I'm going to the theatre this evening. _______ you like to join me?
7. Excuse-me, do you sell pens? Yes, we do. How _______ would you like?
8. The test this week was ___________________ than the test last week.
9. _______ were you yesterday evening when I called?
10. Are you _______ teacher?
11. I usually go to work _______ bus.
12. Can I have _______ milk in my tea, please?
13. _______ go for a drink at the weekend.
14. You should go home if you ____________ well.
15. _______ ever been to India?
16. Canberra is the capital of Australia, _________? I think so.
17. If you need to _______ money from me, ask me anytime.
18. _______ anywhere exciting lately?
19. Look at those black clouds. It ___________________ rain soon.
20. More than 25 thousand phones __________________ in the last 12 months.
21. When my brother was a child, he _______ to play with the neighbours' children.
22. If he _______ nearer school, Dennis says he would walk there.
23. By the time he arrived, the party __________________________.
24. I was advised _______ more exercise if I want to lose weight.
25. ________________________ your homework yet?
26. You ____________________ drive along a pedestrianised street.
27. The tickets turned ____________ to be more expensive than we thought.
28. This TV is in serious _______ of replacement. It's 20 years old.
29. When I was a child, we _____________ to France on holiday every summer.
30. There is ________________ of rubbish on television, it makes me angry.
31. I can’t find my phone. Someone ________________ taken it.
32. _______ I were rich, I wouldn't buy another house. I love it so much.
33. He apologised _______________________ me sooner.
34. He'll _______ all the work by the end of the week.
35. We were _______ delighted to meet the president.
36. ____________________ my mobile phone last year, I am very careful with it now.
37. Ex-prisoners should be helped financially, __________________ there is enough money.
38. My wife is having a lot of problems at work and she is on the ______________ of leaving her job.
39. I prefer to book my holidays online _______ going to a travel agent's.
40. If anyone _______________ find a wallet, it belongs to Steve.

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