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To have a one-track mind

To focus on only one kind of thought; the tendency to be interested in a single subject; to be obsessed.
To have a one-track mind This expression was first recorded in 1928 and alludes to a train. While a railroad might have tracks going in different directions, a one-track railroad will only allow trains to move in a single direction. Similarly, a one-track mind is restricted to only a single line of thought, always thinking the same thing.

All Henry thinks about is food. When he is having breakfast, he is already planning lunch. He has a one-track mind!

Wayne Rooney was the perfect football player in his heyday: popular with fans and fast on the pitch, with a one-track mind for scoring goals.

Many people today have a one-track mind when it comes to their career and earning money. They rank their work above their social lives.

“I’m a man with a one-track mind
So much to do in one lifetime” (Queen, I Want it All)

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