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Sleep On It: Origin and Meaning

To spend time (usually at least a day) thinking about something carefully before making a decision.
It is not known where this idiom originated from but people often believe that if they do not have the solution to a problem straight away, a good sleep will help. Some people think that the brain continues to solve problems while we are sleeping and when you wake up the solution will just be there! However, others believe that we can make better decisions after sleep as the brain is ‘fresh’.
Continued from last week

Jane: Kiss me………………………………
Simon: No, Jane. You can’t keep changing your mind. You hurt me a lot when you ended our relationship. I’m scared you will hurt me again.
Jane: I’m so sorry. I made a mistake. Please can we start again?
Simon: I don’t know Jane…
Jane: Please Simon! I promise I won’t hurt you again!
Simon: This is too sudden Jane. I need to sleep on it.

The next morning

Simon: Good morning Jane.
Jane: Hi Simon.
Simon: How are you?
Jane: Fine
Simon: Did you sleep well?
Jane: Oh come on Simon! I need to know if you’ve decided…
Simon: Yes, I have decided. You hurt me a lot but…
Simon gets down on one knee
Simon: …I love you Jane and I can’t live without you. Will you marry me?
Jane: YES!!
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