To Call It a Day: Origin and Meaning

If you reach a point in the day where you feel you can’t be any more productive, you decide to finish work for that day and continue the task tomorrow. It’s usually used when people have been working for a long time and they are either too tired, hungry or it’s too late to make any further improvements on the task.
(To) call it a day It originally came from the expression “call it half a day” first seen in 1838. This was when it was common for workers to temporarily finish work, go home for lunch and then return to complete their tasks. It was used to say goodbye to work by employees before the working day was over.
Well, John, its 7:00 and I’m getting hungry. How about we call it a day?

I’m not done yet; I can’t call it a day I need to work more for couple of hours.

I think we have done enough work today, I’m exhausted, let’s call it a day.

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