From the Bottom of My Heart: Origin and Meaning

That you love someone deeply and sincerely or that are genuinely grateful to them.
From the bottom of my heart The heart is a powerful organ which we believe is responsible for our feelings and allows us to measure the degree of love, affection and gratitude we might have for someone. The main idea is that the more we feel, the more the heart fills up. If we imagine the heart being a container which fills up with blood and then pumps it out, continuously refilling itself, then the bottom never really empties. Therefore, the bottom part of the heart is considered the one containing the greatest amount of feelings. So if you thank or love someone from the bottom of your heart then you are loving or thanking them the fullest.
– I love him from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes, but I still can see his faults.

– I’m sorry, from the bottom of my heart!

– Thank you so much for helping me find that job. Seriously….Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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