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In the Dead of Winter: Origin and Meaning

In the middle of the winter – at the time of year when it is coldest, darkest and the days are shortest.
To be snowed underIf something or someone is “dead” then they are lifeless, silent and completely still. Therefore, the phrase “in the dead of…” means at the time that is the most silent, still and cold. The phrase “in the dead of winter” means in the middle of the coldest season, much as “in the dead of the night” means in the middle of the quiet, dark night.
“On New Year’s Day there is a tradition for people to swim in the North Sea – they must be mad to go near the freezing water in the dead of winter.”

“In the dead of winter, Moscow is usually covered in deep snow.”

“My little brother was born on December 21st, right in the dead of winter.”
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