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To be Snowed Under: Origin and Meaning

To have too much work to do; to be extremely busy and have many tasks to complete. To feel overwhelmed by how much work you need to do.
To be snowed underLiterally, to be “snowed under” means that, because of heavy snow fall, everywhere is totally covered by snow or “under” snow. In this case it is very difficult to leave your home or to use the roads and modes of transport; therefore, you cannot go anywhere or do anything. Equally, when you are “snowed under” with work, you have so much work to complete that you cannot go anywhere or do anything else until the work is finished.
“I’m sorry, l can’t come to your party as I’m completely snowed under – I need to finish my university assignment.”

“In the weeks just before Christmas, the post office is snowed under with packages and parcels to be sent around the world.”

“My sister is an accountant and it’s the nearly the end of the financial year, so her firm is snowed under with work at the moment.”
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