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As Good As Gold: Origin and Meaning

To be well-behaved and obedient or to express how well you feel.

As good as gold The idiom as good as gold has changed a lot from its original meaning because it initially referred to something that was real and genuine. In the past, many people conducted business using credit notes, a document that promised payment within a certain amount of time. Some customers paid on time but others delayed payment or used forged or counterfeited credit notes to avoid paying altogether. Being distrustful, many business owners much preferred being paid in gold and silver, as this form of currency was real, tangible and more importantly, the payment was immediate.

The meaning shifted somewhat to show something that is genuinely good, as the examples below indicate.

– My children are usually very naughty, but are as good as gold when they visit their grandparents. (=truly well-behaved)

– I think that our friend is exaggerating when he says that his dog is a horror, because when we go and visit he is always as good as gold and always does what our friend says. (=truly obedient)

– “How are you feeling, mate?”
“Good as gold.” (=truly well)
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