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Don’t Give Up the Day Job: Origin and Meaning

Don’t give up the day job: is a phrase to tell someone when they’re not very good at something and they cannot do it professionally.
Usually it’s a humorous way of telling someone not to pursue something full-time as they are not very good at it.

Don’t give up the day jobThe origin of this idiom is unclear.

– “So, what did you think of my singing?” “Er, don’t give up the day job!”

– Trying to get more money for this project is a tough nut to crack!

– I watched you acting today. My advice is don’t give up your day job.

– I’ve read your writing. I don’t think you should give up you day job to become a writer.

– If I were you, I wouldn’t give up the day job; you’re never going to be a dancer.
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