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Let your Hair Down: Origin and Meaning

To behave more freely than usual and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people might think.
let your hair downThis idiom originated in the 17th century, when women were expected to wear their hair up in public, either in a bun, pinned on their head or in elaborate styles. The only time they could let their hair down was for washing or brushing, or when they were alone at home and could relax. Nowadays, if someone tells you to ‘let your hair down’, they don’t mean that you should take the pins out of your hair, they mean that you should relax and enjoy yourself!
“Did you see Sandra at the pub yesterday? She really let her hair down – she was funny and lively, so different to how she is at work!”

“It’s been such a hard week at work. Should we all go out tonight and let our hair down a bit?”

Julie: “Come on Tim. Stop being so serious and sensible – let your hair down and dance with us.”
Tim: “Thank you but I’m happy to just sit here and watch.”
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