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No Spring Chicken: Origin and Meaning

A person who is no longer young.
get off on the wrong footChicks need to be raised in light, warm conditions, and in the past, it was not possible to create these special conditions like we do nowadays, so it was not possible for chicks to be raised in the winter. Farmers soon realised that chickens born in the spring were the most desirable at markets and buyers would pay the most for them. Farmers would often try to sell an older chicken pretending that it was born in the spring but smart buyers would say, “that’s no spring chicken!”
“James is no spring chicken but he’s still the best football player on the team.”

“I can’t believe you’re wearing such a short skirt. You’re no spring chicken, you know!”

Gina: “Do you want to come to the club with us tonight?”
Tara: “Haha, I’m no spring chicken! I won’t last more than 30 minutes in a nightclub.”
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