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Frog in my Throat: Origin and Meaning

To be unable to speak clearly because your throat feels dry or blocked.
frog in my throatMany years ago, people believed that when you had difficulty speaking, it was because there really was a frog in your throat! People used to drink from ponds and streams and there was a fear that they could swallow a frog or frog’s eggs. It was believed that when the eggs hatched, they would cause a dry/choking feeling in the back of the throat. Unqualified travelling doctors (quacks) used to travel with an assistant who pretended to have a ‘frog in his throat’. The quack would give medicine to the assistant who would then pretend to cough up a live frog and be cured!
“Please excuse me, I have a frog in my throat.”

“In the interview I got a frog in my throat and had to cough many times before I could answer the questions. It was so embarrassing.”

Sam: “Is your friend ok? She seems to be choking.”
Josh: “Yeah, she’ll be fine. She’s just got a frog in her throat.”
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