Students Testimonials

Tsultrim, English school student London

Thank you very much! If I have got a chance to join to your school next year, I will contact you because I need to learn English language and I like your school because it is fantastic. In this time I am very happy in your school and my English teacher is very good qualified teacher and my English is also much better than before, for these reasons I am strongly thinking to study English more next year. Thank you very much for everything

Tsultrim (Nepal) 09th November 2018

I really liked studying at this school, because I had very good teachers and I got to know a lot! The lessons were very interesting and useful! Now i feel that I am prepared for the IELTS exam. I am planning to come back, to improve my language and bring my family with me! Looking forward to continue studying in Bloomsbury International in April!

Sofija 2nd November 2018

Kaan, English school student London

I had a chance to fun lots of of school was valuable for me.thanks for everthing

Kaan (Turkey) 26th October 2018

Laercio, English school student London

It was a very good experience, despite so short: just one week. The ambient in the class was very friendly among teacher and students. This made the lessons profitable.
Thank you very much.

laercio antonio (Brazil) 12th October 2018

Kamil, English school student London

Great time with really nice and effective teachers.

Kamil (Poland) 12th October 2018

Mariko, English school student London

I had a very important time. Teachers are very funny and kind.
Thank you so much!

Mariko (Japan) 5th October 2018

I had a pleasure to have classes with three different teachers from Bloomsbury and I have to admit that teaching skills which are offered here are significantly outstanding from the ones which teachers from my country use. After completing a month here everything became easier for me, including grammar, espiecially speaking and other tasks which are mandatory on international certificates and the use of language on a daily basis.

Karolina (Poland) 28th September 2018

I really enjoyed this week in Bloomsbury International. I would have liked to stay here more time but I need to do another course for the Toefl preparation. Professor Simon has been a very good teacher!!
Thank you.

FRANCESCO (Italy)21st September 2018

Julien, English school student London

It was good and funny. The teachers are cool. Good ambiance the morning.

Julien (France)17th September 2018

SOL, English school student London

It was really lucky for me to meet Bloomsbury teachers. The Class are also very good and useful. Thank you.

SOL (South Korea) 7th September 2018

Sumika, English school student London

All teachers are kindness and helpful so I really enjoyed studying English hard.

Sumika (Japan) 31th August 2018

Veronika, English school student London

If you want to improve your English this school is one of the best! Amazing teachers, great team!

Veronika (Kazakhstan) 24th August 2018

Juana, English school student London

It has been a great time in Bloomsbury.
I recommend this experience 100%.
I've learnt and improved a lot my English language.
I've had very good teachers, and I go back to Spain with a lot very good international friends.

Juana (Spain) 17th August 2018

Bloomsbury International is a very good school, I had very friendly teachers, they were professional in their field, they always supported and gave me advice, it was a really good experience for me.

Tamar (Georgia) 10th August 2018

Anna, English school student London

I think the teachers in this school are absolutely fantastic. Everybody is always friendly and whenever you have a problem you can go to one of the teachers. Also the lessons are great. <br/ >
I have only been here for two weeks and I‘m sure that my English has improved. In conlusion I‘m very thankful to Bloomsbury International.

Anna (Austria) 27th July 2018

Enise, English school student London

I am really happy to studied here.I have lots of good memories and lots of lovely friend from this school.I never had any difficulty because teachers always helped me. It is one of the best experience for me.

Enise (Turkey) 3rd August 2018

Vanessa, English school student London

The reason I've chosen Bloomsbury International was the possibility of having classes for all my family together. The school provided interesting classes for my husband, being a begginer English student, and also for me and my kids, who already have been experiencing English learning for a while.

Our teachers were great! Classes were always interesting! I 've loved the methodology! My kids have also appreciated the social programme along the week, visiting important places to London culture!
We'll miss you!

Vanessa (Brazil) 20th July 2018

Santina, English school student London

I'm completely satisfied about my whole experience in Bloomsbury International. Here I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, teachers and classmates, and each of them have taught me a valuable lesson in life I will never forget...NEVER!!!!

Santina (Italy) 13th July 2018

Gabriele, English school student London

Time at bloomsbury was great and i really enjoyed the patience and availability of the teachers. Thanks to them i have improved my level of english and i reach the c1 class. It is one of the best experience for me.

Gabriele (Italy) 29th June 2018

Beyanzur, English school student London

I have had an amazing time here in London especially in school. I met lots of lovely people from different countries.

Thanks for everything.

Beyanzur (Turkey) 18th June 2018

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