Request a Bank Letter

We recommend that you open a bank account with HSBC.

To apply for an 'HSBC Passport Account':
• you can be an EU or non-EU student
• you need to sign a contract for a minimum of 6 months
• you need to pay a fee of £8 per month

To open an account, you need to take:
• your passport or ID card
• proof of address (you can use an original letter from Bloomsbury International)

If you are staying with a homestay family, please do not use their address to open a bank account without asking them for permission first.

Bank Letter Request Form
  1. Student ID number
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  2. First Name*
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  3. Family Name*
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  12. Post Code*
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  16. City*
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  17. State
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  18. Zip Code/Post Code
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  19. Country*
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  21. Bank Name*
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  22. Full bank address*
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  24. Please type the letters*
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