Students Testimonials

Ersin, English school student London

This is the best English language school I have ever been to.

It was a big pleasure to be student at Bloomsbury International, that's why I'd like to thank everyone...

Ersin (Bulgaria) Oct 2017

Natsumi, English school student London

I really enjoyed English lessons here. All of my friends and classmates were very positive to study and helpful. Of course teachers were very kind to me.

They teach you in a funny way and you always work in pairs with people who come from all around the world. Furthermore, the accommodation (Bloomsbury Student Residences) was very clean and comfortable.

Thank you!

Natsumi (Japan) Oct 2017

Andreas, English school student London

I had a two-week Teacher Refresher course at Bloomsbury International. I was positively impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of the teachers.

I learned a lot and also appreciated the exclusive location of the school in the heart of London.

My accommodation in Camden was organised by the school and had everything I needed for my stay.

Andreas (Germany) Oct 2017

Marwa, English school student London

It was my pleasure being in Bloomsbury and I have a lot of good memories with teachers and classmates. I met different people from different nationalities.

Thank you to all my teachers for enhancing my English and bringing it up to speed; they were the best teachers anyone could have asked for.

Everyone in this school is such amazing people who will never let you down. I enjoyed my course more than words can say.

Thank you Bloomsbury for everything!

Marwa (United Arab Emirates) Oct 2017

Margherita and Eleonora, English school student London

The school is good. The lessons are interesting and sometimes funny. I think this month my english has improved. I'd like to thank the teachers and their teaching method.

Margherita (Italy) Sept 2017

This experience is one of the best in my life. The teachers are very good and nice. I have met also people from different countries and it was very interesting.

Eleonora (Italy) Sept 2017

Stefano, English school student London

My experience in Bloomsbury International School was great.

All the people working in the school are very helpful and friendly and the same for the students.

Stefano (Italy) Oct 2017

Elena, English school student London

I had a great time at Bloomsbury International. I improved my english skills and the teachers motivated us to keep on. I made a lot of new friendships and I think that's the secret of success of Bloomsbury.

People all over the world come together with the goal to improve their English skills but because of Bloomsbury you have a lot of fun during the lesson, and after school you meet great people from other countries.

Thank you Bloomsbury-Team, I will come back!

Elena (Germany) Sept 2017

Baba, English school student London

I could learn a lot of English knowledge at this school. I could have a good time at this school.

I go to this school only for one week, but it was useful for me to study English here. I want to recommend this school to my friends positively.

Baba (Japan) Sept 2017


Generally, the course was very helpful for me to increase my English skills.

I really want to say thank you to Warren, he was very good teacher and helped me a lot to rise my band..

Veronica (Italy) Sept 2017


It was very nice to spend three lovely weeks in Bloomsbury school. Teachers are very kind and students are very friendly and helpful here.

Roya , English school student London

Finally, my last day in Bloomsbury after 9 months. It was a really special period of my life which I am sure I will never forget. Thank God, during this time I not only improved my English and made myself ready for University, but I also had this chance to find many great friends from all over the world which are really really valuable.

Bloomsbury became a part of my life and I will miss it.Thank you to all my lovely and kind teachers.

Roya (Iran) July 2017

Gabriella , English school student London

It was exactly what I was looking for. My teacher Stephanie covered all the topics I’ve chosen so now I feel much more confident in teaching both general English and functional English language.

Gabriella La Rosa (Italy) Teacher Refresher Course May 2017

przemyslaw, English school student London

It was an incredible experience, the city is fascinating, the people - interesting, and the language school - fantastic. We hope to come back here soon.

Przemyslaw (Poland) June 2016

Stephanie, English school student London

The courses were very interesting and I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and phrases. Now I am not afraid of speaking English because the teacher gave me such a comfortable feeling in class. They were the best teachers I have ever met.

The location of the English language school is good because it's in the centre.

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. I will recommend the school.

Stephanie (Germany) May 2016

Daniela, English school student London

The price was affordable, the location very central and the programme was very promising.

- Committed teachers
- Attention to communication and intonation
- Teachers know how to engage students' attention
- Learning with pleasure
- Learning by doing

In my homestay accommodation I had a comfortable room and a lovely landlady. It was in a wonderful location.

Daniela (Italy) May 2016

Alison, English school student London

This school was very helpful due to the classes which were interesting and fun. I have accomplished the IELTS score I need to apply to a university in the UK. I want to thank my teachers for making me improve my English every day. Thank you!

Alison (Colombia) April 2016

Takamasa, English school student London

I’m glad to study here again! All teachers and students are warm as usual. Thank you for giving me a chance to come back here. I will recommend this warm-hearted school to my friends who want to study English lessons in London.

Takamasa (Japan) April 2016

Kubra, English school student London

5 wonderful weeks are over. 5 weeks filled with new friends, experiences and great places in Great Britain! Time flew by and you don't realise that it's already over. Thanks to my teachers and classmates who made my time so unforgettable. I really liked it in London and Bloomsbury also. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for everything!

Kübra (Turkey) April 2016

Montakan, English school student London

I think Bloomsbury is a very good school. The teachers and staff are very nice. I’ve made lots of friends. The location is good because it’s near the underground.

Montakan (Thailand) Young Learners Spring School, April 2016

Emily, English school student London

This is my third time learning English in Bloomsbury International. I’m so happy that my English has improved during these several months. The reason why I chose to come here again and again is because I really like the teachers here. They are not only teachers, actually, but also my friends. I will be back again!

Emily (China) January 2016

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