Students Testimonials

Maria, english school student london

What can I say!! I've been 3 months here at Bloomsbury. I think this experience is marvellous, because here in London you can see everything and find people polite, funny, extrovert, shy etc.

That is how I found people in the school. It is for that I'm enjoying every class and every person here. Thank god for this gift.

Maria Alejandra Castellano (Columbia) October 2012

Stella, english school student london

I never been in this school before even if I am living in London since the 7th Jul 2011………. I decided to book my general English course and I really enjoy it……….

Everyone was nice and kind with me from the first day especially the receptionist ladies who made me feel comfortable to become part of the school.

I recommend this school to everyone that seriously wants to improve the English and meet people from different countries. The teachers are very friendly and make you feel welcome with open arms and take care of your English comprehension.

Stella Palombelli (Italy) October 2012

harumi, english school student london

My accommodation is very clean and comfortable. My host mother always takes care of me. She always keeps her house clean and prepares for me breakfast and dinner.

Also she prepares for me healthy food - for example fruits, yogurt and so on, and sweets - for example handmade cakes, ice creams and so on. When I eat dinner she always tries to stay with me and tells me about her family, UK, her country and so on.

Harumi (Japan) August 2013

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