Students Testimonials

Louise, English school student London

A truly good experience! During my time here at Bloomsbury I really learned a lot.

The teachers are one of the best ones I have ever had, giving me all the information I will need for my IELTS test plus a lot more. Bloomsbury is definitely an English language school I will recommend. This experience has been amazing!

Also, the Bloomsbury Superior Residence was as good as everyone said it would be – clean and modern, nothing negative to say about it.

Louise (Sweden) December 2014

Angelo, English school student London

I think that the IELTS preparation course was good for my exam, I improved all my skills.

Angelo (Italy) December 2014

Carolina, English school student London

I did a Super Intensive Course because I wanted to be focussed in my studies. My teachers were friendly and they helped me in improving my English.

The language school is located in the heart of London, very good location.

In the school there is also a cafeteria where you can buy food and drinks, cheaper than outside. Everthing was good!

Carolina (Italy) December 2014

Alena, English school student London

Everything was great. I’m really glad that I’ve choose this language school.

I’ve made a lot of friends and studying in Bloomsbury International was pleasure and great experience.

I’m satisfied with courses and teachers, especially Xavier, Steven, Tamlin, Dicky and Tony.

Thank you for opportunities to study English with you.

Alena (Russia) December 2014

Doris, English school student London

I enjoy the courses so much and I learned a lot.

All my teachers are great. I always can understood what they said and explain.

The lessons are always very interesting and they run so fast. I learned a lot about other culture because we have often discussion with members of our class. To study with people from Italy, Japan… was very, very interesting.

Thank you so much! I felt very, very well here.

Doris (Germany) November 2014

Rebekka, English school student London

My first impression of the school that I got from the website was that of a very strict institution with many rules to be followed. Well, as soon as I had enrolled for a course and received the first emails from the school, I learnt that my first impression was entirely untrue.

The staff at Bloomsbury International consists of lovely, polite people, and everyone is eager to help you with your problems.

My teachers were all friendly and competent, and I, for the first time in years, had really good English lessons that helped improved my skills.

The school is in a lovely old building in the very centre of London - you can easily walk to Oxford Street of The Thames!

While you're at Bloomsbury, consider visiting the cafeteria, especially if you want a good coffee for a reasonable price.

Rebekka (Germany) October 2014

Tommaso, English school student London

I felt very well here and I enjoyed very much the time in Bloomsbury.

The general course was useful and I have lots of new words for my vocabulary.

Kate and Steve were very polite and available and they took care of my weaknesses. Richard was very well prepared on IELTS exam and he gave me a lot of good advice!

Tommaso (Italy) September 2014

Sebastian, English school student London

Hello everyone, my name is Sebastian Gabele. I'm from Germany and I'm 20 years old.

It's a honour for me to be potential student of the month. I'm really delighted to be a part of Bloomsbury International. The teachers organise and conduct the lessons in a varied and lively manner. Besides specialist knowledge, the teachers also convey social, communicative, methodical and personal skills. Furthermore, all students are absolutely polite and they warmly welcome new pupils. I'm currently in Tony's TOEFL class and I feel that I'm constantly improving my English day by day. In the afternoon, I don't have any courses, but I almost always participate in the social activities of the school or join friends at the school. I'm very thankful that I have the opportunity of representing Bloomsbury International.

Sebastian (Germany)
Student of the month nominee August 2014

Anaïs, English school student London

Bloomsbury International is a very good English language school. It's very easy to improve your English level.

Teachers are very professional and you can meet friendly people. For me, it's an amazing experience. I hope to come back to London very soon.

Anaïs (France) April 2014

Mohammed, English school student London

The teachers are very good to support and help the students to improve their language.

Bloomsbury International overall is very good.

Mohammed (Saudi Arabia) April 2014

Jean, English school student London

I’m really happy with my English course. When I arrived in London my English was B1 level, 3 months later it’s C1.

I never expected such an improvement. Another tremendous point, is the Social Programme quality. I felt instantly integrated and had a lot of fun.

Jean (France) May 2014

Wajdi, English school student London

Friendly and funny environment to learn English. I had an enjoyable time.

Very friendly and enjoyable homestay! I really appreciated it!

Wajdi (Germany) July 2014

Johanna, English school student London

The teachers are very funny and nice, and the reception staff are helpful.

The school is good. Perhaps I'm going to come back!

Johanna (Germany) April 2014

Giulia, English school student London

My stay at Bloomsbury was amazing! I loved my studies and the students I met here!

The teachers are the best I ever met. Thank you!

Giulia (Italy) July 2014

Yse, English school student London

Going to Bloomsbury International is a great opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds.

Hassan, English school student London

The teachers were great, really helpful and supportive. The classrooms were comfortable to be in with the teachers who were always well prepared.

I made really good friends at Bloomsbury and in the future I will surely keep in touch with them! Hopefully I'll come back to Bloomsbury to meet the staff again!

Hassan (Pakistan) July 2014

Kasia, English school student London

The courses were interesting and I enjoyed every lesson. The teachers were friendly and helpful.

The atmosphere in the classroom was always great.

I'm satisfied with my choice of the school because of the fantastic location and the atmosphere.

Kasia (Poland) July 2014

Siva, English school student London

The location of the language school is great because it's very central and there are a lot of places to eat nearby.

The teachers were very helpful and I really improved my speaking skills in these four weeks.

The cafeteria offered quite wide range of food with reasonable prices.

I am looking forward to coming back to beautiful London!

Siva (Switzerland) July 2014

Maelle, English school student London

With Bloomsbury I could reach my objective to become C1 in three weeks and to be able to speak more fluently.

When I arrived I was between B1 and B2. The teachers helped me to improve my English quickly. I'm really grateful!

Maëlle (Belgium) August 2014

Dimitry, English school student London

My family was good and the home was clean.

I had a new friend Marva. She is very friendly and beautiful as well. I like my host family!

Dimitry (Kazakhstan) August 2014

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