Students Testimonials

I'm completely satisfied about my whole experience in Bloomsbury International. Here I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, teachers and classmates, and each of them have taught me a valuable lesson in life I will never forget...NEVER!!!!

Santina (Italy) 13th July 2018

I really enjoyed attending the English crash course even if it just was one week, or actually only five days. My teacher (Fay) was very friendly and gave me a warm and nice welcome at the school.

Surprisingly, the short time really helped me out to improve my language skills, for example the tenses, with which I always have been struggled!

If there would be a chance to stay or to come back and visit Bloomsbury International School again, I definitely would and also take part at the many freetime events that are offered by the school.

Thank you for the short but sweet time and I hope that I be able to come back one day. Greetings from Germany.

Carlotta (Germany) 28th June 2018

Time at bloomsbury was great and i really enjoyed the patience and availability of the teachers. Thanks to them i have improved my level of english and i reach the c1 class.

It is one of the best experience for me.

Gabriele (Italy) 29th June 2018

I have spent the most beautiful 6 months in London at Bloomsbury. I've met wonderful friends and very friendly teachers. To be honest, when I come back to Turkey, I'm going to miss everything.

Burcak (Turkey) 28th June 2018

Beyanzur, English school student London

I have had an amazing time here in London especially in school. I met lots of lovely people from different countries.

Thanks for everything.

Beyanzur (Turkey) 18th June 2018

Gabriela, English school student London

I had a great time learning English at Bloomsbury School. Teachers were great and I really enjoyed those 3 weeks I had here!

Gabriela (Russia) 11th June 2018

Axel, English school student London

Few words about Bloomsbury not a simple school, in fact, I learnt a lot about me and about my possibilities. Thanks for all Fay, you were the best teacher that I have had

Thanks Steph and Simon for your help!!

Take care all...see you, maybe

Axel (France) 4th June 2018

Marvin, English school student London

I went to Bloomsbury International for one week to improve my English in reading, speaking and writing. I chose 20 lessons Business English and 20 lessons General English. The teaching styles from my teachers was especially good.

Furthermore the class was very international and in this short term we got know each other very well. With some of my classmates I will hold on the contact.

So it was a pleasure to study at Bloomsbury International. I would recommend this school to everyone, who likes to improve they're English skills, meet new people from all nationalities and have a great time.

Marvin (Germany) 29th May 2018

Monica, English school student London

My adventure with English started several months ago at the Bloomsbury School and I can say that I am satisfied with my choice.

Here I could take my first steps in a friendly and efficient atmosphere.

I would like to thank all the teachers I have met who have always proved to be competent, motivated and patient; thanks to their commitment and to friendship of many my classmates I can continue my learning and my experience - untill now really happy - in the UK.

I leave here a special hug full of fondness and gratitude for Lorna and Fay who with kindness and enthusiasm have always appreciated and encouraged me!

Monica Maria (Italy) 23rd May 2018

Salvatore, English school student London

I want give a special thank you to my teachers Olga, Simon C. and Fay because they are really professional and made me happy to improve my english and to attend at scool.

I found very amazing atmosphere in Bloomsbury school specially because I met lots of interesting people who came from around the                                  world! Thank you.

Salvatore (Italy) 15th May 2018

Rachid, English school student London

It was a pleasant experience at the Bloomsbury International, the courses were usefull and rich of infomations and advices, thanks to my teachers Mr Simon and Ms Fey for their time kindness and their lovely way of teaching,i will certainly come back for more courses, it has just begin.

Rachid (Morocco) 15th May 2018

Celso, English school student London

We took a familiar plan for English classes (General English). The teachers have skills and excellent methods to introduce differents activities for learning english.

This is not only for technical knowledge about the language, but for British culture, immersion and to know people from different countries around the world (Europe, America and Asia).

The Administrative Team (Bloomsbury Interanational) always were attending our requirements in a fantastic manner.

We will happy to be here in the future.

Thanks a lot for everything.

Celso (Chile) 9th May 2018

Taib, English school student London

I could've never imagined that it would be so difficult to leave Bloomsbury. I want to thank all of the teachers, especially Fay and Stephanie.

Thank you for this magnificent time in London.

Taib (Germany) 9th May 2018

Elifnur, English school student London

I studied at Bloomsbury International School for 6 months. After a long time, I feel like this school is my second home. I improved a lot.

I want to say thank you to all my lovely and supportive teachers. Studying with you was amazing.

Elifnur (Turkey) 27th April 2018

Michele, English school student London

Thank you Bloomsbury for everything. All the teachers are amazing, I'm so happy that I choose this school.

Hopefully I will see you again some day...

Michele (Switzerland) 27th April 2018

Annette, English school student London

I only spend 5 days at Bloomsbury International, but I learned a lot and enjoyed the time with the nice teachers Fay and Tamlin.

I didn't take part of the social programmes, because it was the first time for me in London. Therefore, I decided to see the most interesting places in London and we also went to see Mamma Mia.
                                 It is a MUST!

Annette (Germany) 16th April 2018

Anna, English school student London

I had a really good time here. The teachers were so nice and kind, since the first day. I have learned a lot (even about animals).

If you have a problem, you can go to one of the teachers and a solution can always be found on both sides.

Also the location is very good. The British Museum is just two minutes walk away and Trafalgar Square is also not far. But if you prefer to come here by bus or the underground, you have many possibities too.

All in all, I like this school and I’m looking forward to coming here again.

Anna (Germany) 9th April 2018

Illiana, English school student London

This school taught me a lot. I met exceptional people from all around the world. I'm very proud of myself because I improved my English. I lived at the Stay Club in Camden and it was very good accommodation. I recommend this school, which helps a lot of people.

Thank's to Olga, Fay, Tamlin, Louise, Helena and Anja. I know I forgot some people - but thank you all! It was a pleasure to meet you.Take care!

Everything was amazing! I'll come back for sure.

Illiana (France) 4th April 2018

Rafael, English school student London

It was wonderful studying at Bloomsbury International. Everybody here is amazing! The students are very friendly and the teachers really love what they do.

The course is very good and I am sure my English skills are much better now.

Rafael (Brazil) 4th April 2018

gaia, English school student London

Everything was amazing! I'll come back for sure.

Gaia (Italy) 27th March 2018

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