Students Testimonials

I would like to thank the school and the teachers, especially Fay and Simon, for the big effort they made. They provided us with a lot of information in our IELTS class.

I will not forget to thank Anja and Eva for helping the students arrange their class and registration.

Ahmad (Syria) 19th March 2018

anne-sophie, English school student London

I had a very pleasant time. The teachers were so kind and competent.

I might come back.

Anne-Sophie (France) 12th March 2018

Rejii, English school student London

I'm so happy I came to Bloomsbury International school. They made it really nice for me.

Thank you very much.

Rejii (Japan) 12th March 2018

Yuki, English school student London

It was great moment and I learned a lot. The people at this school very much supported me.

I would like to come back here again to study more.

Thank you very much.

Yuki (Japan) 5th March 2018

Rebecca, English school student London

My experience in this school is very good. I think my class is the best.

The teachers, Simon Crooks and Aidarous, are very prepared and their lessons are addictive.

Rebecca (Italy) 5th March 2018

Yanik, English school student London

I just want to say thank you Bloomsbury International! I have improved a lot in English, but I also developed myself further - that was only possible because of the teachers.

They were not just my teachers, they were also my friends. And I met so many people from diffrent countries, and thats why I like Bloomsbury International.

Thank you for everything. I will always remember this time.

Yanik (Switzerland) 27th February 2018

Vitaliy, English school student London

All was good!

Vitaliy (Ukraine) 26th February 2018

Xiao, English school student London

It was a very nice school. We made a lot of friendly friends.
I really like them. I think our friendship will last for a long time.

Xiao (China) 19th February 2018

Charlotte, English school student London

It was a great experience. I have definitely improved my English.

Thanks to all.

Charlotte (France) 19th February 2018

Leandro, English school student London

I really enjoyed my stay here at Bloomsbury International. I consider the courses to be great, really high level and good quality.

As regards the teachers, I had Fay and Simon for my Business classes. From a teacher's perspective, I reckon that they are really good teachers, very patient and pedagogical.

Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone seeking language education in London.

Leandro (Argentina) 12th February 2018

Jankuj, English school student London

Bloomsbury International is a very good school. I had a great, pleasant and tolerant teacher. Schoolmates were really friendly.
I will remember it as a super time in my life.

Thank you.

Jankuj (Czech Republic) 12th February 2018

Frederica, English school student London

I've been here for three months now. After my terrible experiences in Italy during high school, here I found a family instead of a classroom!

The teachers are really friendly, always available, and the school lets you know about events, opportunities, and must-see festivals in London.

They hold your hand and walk you through a new-life experience as a guide would do.

I'll always be thankful for their help.

Frederica (Italy) 5th February 2018

Vanessa, English school student London

I really enjoyed studying at Bloomsbury International School.
I think that the teaching was great and I enjoyed the class.

Vanessa (Switzerland) 5th February 2018

Miho, English school student London

I would love to say thank you to the school and teachers!!!

Miho (Japan) 30th January 2018

Joanna, English school student London

My trip and class in London was really great. My classmates and teachers were nice. I would like to stay longer but I have to go back to France.

I am happy to choose you and I will come back.

                                See you soon!

Joanna (France) 22nd January 2018

Melanie, English school student London

I had a great time at Bloomsbury International and I really did enjoy my class and especially my teacher, Fay.

Melanie (France) 22nd January 2018

Gilles, English school student London

Before beginning the course, I didn't know how to write an essay.

After a month, the teachers helped me to improve and now I have reached a better level.

Good classes, good mood, and the teachers are sympathetic.

Gilles (France) 16th January 2018

Carmela, English school student London

I really loved these two weeks in this school.

It was really profitable. It was really nice to come back to be a student. I met many lovely friends and good teachers too.

I really suggest Bloomsbury International school. TOP!

Carmela (Italy) 16th Jan 2018

Daisuke, English school student London

I had a really good time at Bloomsbury International because I realised my English skills were getting better and better through the classes. Our teacher was eager to teach us and I really appreciated her and the other staff.

The location of the school accommodation is very good because we could easily visit a lot of famous sights.

Daisuke (Japan) 8th January 2018

Yui, English school student London

I really enjoyed studying English at Bloomsbury International. The teachers were very kind to me. I felt very comfortable staying here.

Yui (Japan) 8th January 2018

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