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Miss the boat

Miss the boat
to miss (not get) an opportunity. To lose the chance to do or try something good

Miss the boat

This expression has its origins in the 1900’s. The saying "miss the boat" obviously began as a literal expression of arriving too late to travel as scheduled on a boat. It developed from sailors using the expression about travel and spread from there. This developed into an expression meaning that you had a good chance or opportunity but for some reason you did not take advantage of it. Another version you may hear with the same meaning is ‘I missed the bus!’. It is an informal expression commonly used in spoken English, try to use it today!


1. There was a sale at the shop but I was too late – I really missed the boat!

2. The buyer missed the boat and didn’t get the house because he offered too low a bid.

3. I'll invest in that company I don't want to miss the boat.

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