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Whatch our school videos
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English Study: Free Book Downloads (PDF Format)

Free book downloads for English language learners

We offer a fantastic selection of free book downloads in PDF format to help improve your English reading, grammar and vocabulary. Our printable books also include fun quizzes and interesting facts about British culture.

You can convert the pdfs into a Word document which you can then send to your ebook reader.

New books are added monthly, so what are you waiting for? Download your free English book today!

What you will learn:

  • compound adjectives, comparatives, punctuation and superlatives
  • invaluable English writing tips
  • words that sound the same but have different meanings
  • how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in English
  • suggested reading for English language learners
  • modal verbs
  • English idioms and common English phrases
  • borrowed words
  • the difference between “fewer” and “less” and modal verbs
  • the meaning of the words “fancy” and “pop”
  • how to hail a black London cab
  • general study tips for English language learners and advice from teachers
  • how to improve your English pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar with songs
  • how to write a CV in English to impress your possible future employer
  • how to develop good writing skills in English
  • how to say “sorry” in English

…and much more.

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End of Summer Offer 2018
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