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English Speaking Courses

Are you looking to improve your spoken English skills?

Then why not consider an English speaking course at Bloomsbury International, one of London’s leading language skills. Alongside a range of courses to suit all abilities and preferences, we provide high-quality courses to help you improve your English conversational skills.

  • - English language courses for all abilities, ages, preferences and timescales
  • - Benefit from expert teaching by highly skilled and qualified teachers
  • - Central London location gives you easy access to all the attractions of the UK’s capital city
  • - Improve your spoken English skills with Bloomsbury International.

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London’s leading English speaking courses

Mastering conversational English is a vital aspect of improving your English language skills, and so if this is your priority you could choose a course that focuses on verbal skills, such as English Communication Skills. This will help to ensure you become more fluent and confident in speaking English, by using a variety of different teaching methods, including the following:

  • - learning how to use the most appropriate English speaking styles for different situations
  • - learning to use more complex sentence structures and linking words when you’re speaking English
  • - understanding more about colloquial English, such as idioms, and how to use it effectively and appropriately
  • - improving your confidence when speaking English in a variety of situations.

Come to Bloomsbury International to improve your English speaking skills

One of the biggest advantages of learning English at Bloomsbury International is that you’ll spend every day in London surrounded by native English speakers. This will give you countless opportunities to put your spoken English into practice as you go about your daily life, such as buying travel tickets, booking a trip or choosing items in a shop. Immersing yourself in British life will be a huge benefit to your efforts to improve your English speaking skills, and when you add this to the expert tuition you’ll receive at your London language school, it’s not difficult to see why so many students choose Bloomsbury International.

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Anyone who wants to improve their English conversation skills by taking an English language course in London needs to carefully consider which London language school is likely to be the best for them. You don’t just want the cheapest course – you also need to consider factors such as the quality of English teaching, the accommodation on offer, the level of support you’ll receive and of course how you’ll be encouraged to become part of the wider student community. If you want to be certain of receiving the highest standards of all these factors, then Bloomsbury International should be the natural choice for you. To find out more about how to book your place at our London language school, simply contact us today.

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Bloomsbury International offers a wide range of courses to suit all ages, levels, interests and learning needs. Whether you are learning English for future studies, work, travel or for pleasure, you are sure to find a course that is right for you:

  • Choose how long you want to study for (minimum one week).
  • Choose the intensity of your course (1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 or 7.5 hours per day).
  • Choose the type of English course from the list below.
  • After the assessment on your first day, we will suggest a study plan to match your level of English as well as your learning objectives.
  • Your teachers will conduct weekly class tests and regular tutorials with you to maximise your learning progress.

General English

English and Work

Exam Preparation

Young Learners

Teacher Training

Private Lessons

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Are you looking for an English course in London?

Take an English course London with Bloomsbury International

  • - Bloomsbury International is London’s leading international English language school
  • - We deliver only the highest quality academic English courses from our well-equipped premises in the heart of London
  • - With students from all over the world, you won’t find a better or more friendly place to take an academic English course Contact us today to find out more.

Why take a Bloomsbury International Academic English course?

There are hundreds of different language schools in London. Choice can be a great thing, but if you’re not careful it can be easy to make the wrong decision and waste the investment you’ve made in your English skills. However, we’re confident that with Bloomsbury International, you’ll discover the very best teaching, the most state-of-the-art facilities for students, and the most convenient and well connected location in the centre of London. Student wellbeing is our priority, so you can also be sure that everything we do is giving you the best possible experience and improving your English skills as far as possible. We’re confident you won’t find a better place to take an academic English course in London.

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Some of our academic English courses in London:

  • - General English courses
  • - Communication skills
  • - Summer schools
  • - Holiday courses
  • - Business English
  • - English with work experience
  • - Academic year programme
  • - Exam preparation
  • - One-to-one and small groups
  • - English for groups
  • - And many more courses.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more about any of our academic English courses in London.

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Academic English course London All Bloomsbury International academic English courses in London offer the highest quality teaching. We offer courses for all levels of learner, whether you’re new to learning English or you already have a good level of skills but want to improve them further or develop your knowledge in a certain industry or area of business.

All our teaching staff are hand-picked for their skills, experience, qualifications and dedication. This can give you confidence that your academic English course in London will take place in the most supportive and nurturing environment. Our student community is truly diverse and vibrant, with students from all over the world. You’ll soon make new friends from across the globe, thanks to our thriving social programme of events, trips and activities. Our core aim is to ensure that each student gets the most out of their academic English course in London, and you can be certain we’ll do everything possible to make this happen. With our superb teaching, outstanding facilities, thriving social scene and personalised support for every student, there’s simply no better language school for an academic English course in London.

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