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This is not an English course but a programme designed to enable young people to focus on skills they will need for the future to study at universities in the UK and US. These include critical thinking, working collaboratively, problem-solving, giving presentations and public speaking.

The two week course runs like a conference with guest speakers and workshops and lectures. At the end of the two weeks there is a day of project presentations and prize-giving. It is suitable for groups and individuals.

Requirements to participate in the programme:

  • Students must be between 16-18 years old
  • Students English level has to be at B1+ level at the start of the programme.
  • Students must create a presentation on a research project they have chosen.

Course Details
Minimum English level B1+
Course length 2 weeks
Age range 16-18 years old
Days Monday to Friday

How it works:

Teachers and schools should register their interest in the programme and once you have registered and been accepted, you will receive pre-course materials which give your students a choice of projects to choose. These materials will prepare your learners for the Pre-University Programme.

  • The course is designed to give young people an overview of student life in a British university
  • The course covers topics such as: Education systems around the globe, critical thinking, student life in Britain and the USA

Aims and outcomes:

  • To promote a deeper understanding through subject specialisation, with a depth and rigour appropriate to progression to higher education
  • To help learners to acquire specific skills of problem-solving, skills relating to thinking critically and enquiry, creativity, team-working, independent learning and effective communication
  • Learn how to give presentations
  • To promote an international outlook and cross-cultural awareness.
  • To focus on plans for university and beyond with carefully designed admissions, careers and personal skills sessions.

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