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December 19, 2014
by Bloomsbury International

4 Way to Saying “Thanks!” in English

Expressing gratitude and appreciation are amongst the most important functions of the English language. Language and culture go hand in hand so, it would be imprudent on our part to pretend that functions such as asking for things or saying … Continue reading

October 31, 2014
by bloomsbury

How to Be More Polite British Style

Politeness the British way Brits are notorious for being the epitome of politeness, grace, manners and absolute discretion. So how do they do it? There is far too much to cover in only one article but being inspired by one … Continue reading

August 15, 2014
by Bloomsbury International

5 British Foods You Have to Eat When You Study English in the UK

Top Five Traditional British Foods Everyone knows that England does not have the best reputation for good food. In fact, many students travel to the UK extremely worried about what they are going to eat when they are here. Of … Continue reading