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Are cartoons a way to improve your English? Even if you’re older than a 12-year-old?

Are cartoons a way to improve your English? Even if you’re older than a 12-year-old?

Short answer: YES!

But there’s more to it; just let me explain. You might wonder: “Cartoons were created to entertain children, so how could it be useful/enjoyable for me?” Okay, that may be true, however, just because their target audience is younger people, it doesn’t mean they aren’t not for all ages! There is so much you could digest from an animated show.


You’ll notice that the language is much simpler than it is in normal TV series, like Game of Thrones. You’re also less likely to encounter much slang, which might confuse some learners. Plus, the spoken language in a cartoon is usually slower, so it’d be easier to understand it than, again, in Game of Thrones. (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch Game of Thrones.) If you think about the voices behind the cartoons, they pronounce the words clearly as well, so no worrying about muttered, unheard sentences.

Aren’t they boring? I honestly doubt that. Again, just because kids find them funny doesn’t mean you won’t. They are light, fun, exciting and colourful – there’s music as well! Why not choose these over an average action film on a rainy Tuesday evening?

Don’t they only suit beginners? Don’t worry, the answer is no. I guarantee you’ll see new, useful words and phrases even if you’re a pre-intermediate user or an advanced one.

Are you the type of person who always falls asleep during movie nights? To make you even more excited about cartoons, each episode is quiet short! They usually last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, so it is IMPOSSIBBLE that you’d doze off!

Where should you start? I’ve got your back! I’ve listed some shows that could help you greatly to develop your skills in English. Also, you can find episodes of them online or on YouTube – super easy and free! My main recommendations:

Martha Speaks

Martha Speaks was first released in 2008. It’s not only great comedy, but very educational, too: it’s especially huge help for people wanting to upgrade their vocabulary! Why? Because each episode starts and ends with reviewing news words.
The story is about Alice and her dog, Martha who ate alphabet soup, and then the fun begins… She is now able to speak English!


Arthur, the Canadian-American cartoon, first aired in 1996. You’ll meet its protagonist, Arthur, who’s just a normal guy but goes on everyday adventures. The show is mostly about friendships and family issues as he’s growing up – lots of personalities, and many more daily conversations!

The Flintstones

This series was first originally released in 1960, so it’s not exactly ultramodern, but it’s been a rather popular show for ages… for a reason!
It is set in the Stone Age and revolves around two families: The Flintstones and their neighbours The Rubbles. Now, just because it wasn’t made yesterday, their topics, conversations and relationships are still fresh and their lifes are crazy, adventurous. Wooohooooo!

The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been around for more than 30 years and it is still going! So, yes, it’s probably quite a successful show, isn’t it?
The plot follows the Simpson family who live in the peaceful, American, but fictional town of Springfield. One husband, one wife, one dog, one cat and three children. It tells a lot about culture, society and people.

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