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Statue of The Beatles in Liverpool

Who were The Beatles?

Statue of The Beatles in Liverpool

An iconic statue of the Fab Four, in their hometown, Liverpool

4 guys. More than 2 billion albums sold. “The best artists of all time”.

It is safe to say that they were the most famous rock band from Liverpool, England. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr – they decided to form their band in 1960: THE BEATLES! They created and explored music in several different genres; they weren’t afraid to make art and try new things. That’s what made them so unique. Think anything from rock&roll and pop to ballads, hard rock, Indian music, and so on.

Have you heard? Here are some interesting facts about The Beatles.

1. Is it the Beatles or The Beatles?

Years ago, there was a huge internet argument between fans and experts whether it’s a lower-case ‘t’ or a capital ‘T’. Some believed it was a ‘t’ because John Lennon wrote them in lower-case in his letters. Others said it was a capital ‘T’.

2. Truly a worldwide success

People loved The Beatles all over the world, not just from the UK. They managed to sell 1.6 BILLION singles in the United States, and 177 million albums.
Also, if we look at other parts of the world, The Beatles had eight No. 1 hits in both Switzerland and Zimbabwe. They even scored a few in Ethiopia, too.

3. The lyrics to ‘Yesterday’

One day when Paul McCartney was enjoying his morning, just having breakfast, a new song popped into his head. That was the song now called ‘Yesterday’. Because at the time it was only a melody in his head, he didn’t have lyrics to it yet. So, he just sang “scrambled eggs, baby, I love scrambled eggs”. Isn’t he a genius?

4. The Beatles probably loved food

They had quite a lot to say about food in their song lyrics: pies, eggs, cornflakes, strawberries, pineapples, cherries, truffles, mustard, honey, marmalade… AND a lot more!

5. The story behind ‘Let it be’

When Paul McCartney was having a really stressful period in his life, he had an unusual dream one night. His mother had previously died, but she appeared in McCartney’s dream that night. In an interview, he quoted his mother’s words: “It is going to be fine. Don’t worry. Just let it be.” After he woke up from the dream, he felt extremely happy! So, he immediately wrote the idea down, went to the piano and started working on the new song. This sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Are you familiar with their famous zebra crossing?

Abbey Road

It’s probably the most popular photo of the Beatles. In 1969, the band released their 11th studio album called Abbey Road. On the cover of the album, the members are walking on the road’s zebra crossing. But where is that? Where is Abbey Road? You can find it in St John’s Wood, London NW8 0AG. The closest tube stations are St John’s Wood (Jubilee line) or Maida Vale (Bakerloo line).

In 1970, they decided to break up the band after 10 years. (Some fans believe it was because Lennon was spending too much and all of his time (even while working!) with his wife, Yoko Ono.) Although The Beatles was over, the artists -of course- didn’t stop working! They all released solo albums in the same year, in 1970.

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