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Green Secrets in London

Primrose HillIt is safe to say that London is one of the greenest cities in the United Kingdom, full of parks. You could find nearly 500 green spaces all over the centre of the capital of England. You’ve probably been to the most common ones, but you might have missed a few hidden gardens, quiet yards, spooky cemeteries or public farms on your way to school!

So, would you like to get a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city? Are you keen to just relax? Here is a list of three parks nearby that you should visit.

1. Abney Park Cemetery

The estate of the park once had Abney House on it which served as the home of Isaac Watts. Today, it is a public garden cemetery and an arboretum (a garden containing lots of types of trees). If you wish, you can visit the stunning gothic chapel in the middle, or meet over 200 000 people buried under unique-looking graves. However, if you get hungry, do NOT go mushrooming. The plants of the park are probably filled with arsenic and lead from the Victorian era.

Location: 215 Stoke Newington High St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0LH

2. Hackney City Farm

The city farm was founded in the 1980s to create a community where young people could gain experience with animals. To this day, it serves as a place that invites children to get used to nature: trees, plants, fruit, and vegetables. Also, it motivates them to create a friendly environment that cares for animals. You can meet a variety of lovely farm animals including donkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, and even butterflies. Their chickens are also kept in natural conditions, which gives you the opportunity to buy free range eggs.

Location: 1a Goldsmiths Row, London E2 8QA

3. Barbican Conservatory

Located on Level 3 at the Barbican Centre, this conservatory is the 2nd biggest one in the whole of London. The tropical jungle is more than 2000 square metres, full of juicy plants and flowers. If you’re watchful enough, you could even encounter some exotic fish.
Are you feeling British or fancy? Both? Invite your friends and family for an afternoon cup of tea at the venue, enjoying cake specialties as well, made from organic fruit and herb grown in the Conservatory. Make sure you book tickets for this. Otherwise, general admission is free.

Location: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

4. Primrose Hill Park

I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill.
-William Blake, English poet

Primrose Hill is a park area on a hilltop more than 60 metres above sea level. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, from there, you can have an unusual and extraordinary view of London. How often do you actually look at the sky in the city? Be honest! It’s hard to focus on it if all the streets of London are so packed and crowded. Primrose Hill Park, however, is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy a stunningly wide and clear skyline during the day or at night.

If I can give you one piece of advice, as you are walking towards the top of the hill, do not look back at the view. Only turn around once you’ve reached the peak.

Location: Primrose Hill Road, London NW3

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