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How to find a job in London fast

London is a fantastic place to work. No, I’m serious it’s actually one of the most desired places to work in England. It has an excellent transport system, it’s bike friendly and there are plenty of agencies which can offer you flexible contacts which is great for those who are looking for short term employment opportunities. The difficulty is, where and when to apply? Sure, we have all these great jobs but how can you actually get them? Here’s a guide to landing a job in London fast!


  1. Ask around

The first thing which any Londoner will tell you if you’re looking for a job, is to ask the people around you. Many Bloomsbury students reside in north London and they’re surrounded by cafes, supermarkets and high streets. The chances of employers on your high street recruiting are high, especially in the summer period. Why not pop in and ask if they have any vacancies; if they don’t, you can always leave your CV with the manager. I actually left my CV with the head teacher of a local school shortly after graduating and she got back to me! But do remember that London is a busy city and competition is rife so you’ll have to hand out loads of CVs – be prepared for paper-cuts!


  1. Upgrade your CV and cover letter

I know you’re probably thinking ‘well duhh’ but you’d be surprised by the amount of student CVs I’ve checked with avoidable spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s so important to make sure that your CV is written in a formal and sophisticated manner. When you have written your CV, ask your teacher to go through it. Another important aspect to your CV is the format. We don’t put photographs on British CVs, unless of course it’s a niche job which requires it such as modelling. With regards to the cover letter, it should be a clearly worded letter referring to why you’re applying for the position and what you’d bring to the company. Refrain from writing pages and pages as it’s likely the employer won’t have time to read it. Keep it short but clear, you’ll have a better chance of getting a call back.


  1. Use a trusted website

There are a ton of job sites which offer all sorts of attractive offers. However, it’s important to be wary with your personal data. To ensure you get a job fast, in a safe and reliable way, I’d recommend using Indeed, Guardian jobs, Gumtree and Barzone. They are the most commonly used sites in London and it’s super easy to apply and upload your cover letters and CVs.


  1. Become a summer temp

The most common way students find permanent jobs is to apply for a temporary job first. This does sound odd but hear me out. In the summer, there is an influx of tourists so employers are under a lot of pressure to fill jobs. This isn’t specific to the hospitality sector, transport for London also have a lot of vacancies in the summer. What people usually do is apply for a temp position, then they enquire about the possibility of continuing on. This is the time to really show off your skills and show your employer you’re a dedicated and diligent person. Internships are another way of securing long term jobs. It does all depend on the sector you wish to go into, but in general, this is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and up the ladder.


So remember, apply, apply apply! Apply for a ton of jobs every day and you’re sure to hear back from them soon.


Good luck!

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