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The hidden sights of London

There’s more to us than Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. We actually have an array of different cultures, traditions and food. Here’s a list of a few hidden places in London which have just as much to offer as the renowned sights we’re known for.

1)Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, East Ham

This Hindu temple is located in the east end of London in the middle of a residential area. With its eye-catching golden exterior, it’s a popular place of worship and meditation. They have meditation, yoga and prayer groups on a weekly basis which are free to attend as long as you book a place in advance. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of Indian culture, there’s a food market across the road where you can sample some of India’s finest delicacies. The Temple is a great place to really capture the essence of Hinduism, but also to broaden your understanding about one of the oldest cultures in post-war Britain.*

2)Regents Park Mosque, Baker Street

A short walk from Baker Street station, the Regents Park Mosque boasts a selection of incredible middle eastern architecture in the form of murals and mosaics. It also has a fantastic wall of Arabic calligraphy which details prayers. It has a bookshop on the first floor, as well as a cafe which serves global food from places such as Lebanon, Kenya and Morocco. If you’re into art and architecture, I’d highly recommend popping here for a day out, it’s well worth it!*
* Just a friendly reminder that some places of worship do expect you to take your shoes off before entry!

3) Richmond park, Richmond

If you’re into nature and wildlife, then Richmond park is for you. It’s a vast spread of land with stunning gardens of lavender, where you can picnic and lay in the sun with a book. Pick a good spot though because you could be met with a group of deer and does. There are groups of wild deer, foxes, birds and rabbits roaming freely; the park is protected by the local authority to ensure the preservation of British wildlife. The weather is starting to warm up so take a trip here to enjoy an ice cream whilst surrounded with a sensational view.

4) God’s own junkyard, Walthamstow.

This unique neon warehouse is located at the end of the Victoria line. Its open on weekends and hosts a selection of signs and art installations collected by the owner over a period of years. It’s a great choice for anyone interested in art, but the local rolling stones cafe is just as eye catching.

There are tons of hidden places in London for you and your friends to explore, keep an eye out for a future list with even more spectacular places! In the meantime, I suggest you visit for more info on local events and activities you can try.

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