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Sticking to New Year’s resolutions – do you have any?

Happy New Year! 2019 has arrived and we’re feeling refreshed after a much needed winter break. Gyms will have an increase in revenue thanks to the healthy lifestyle many of us will adopt – but will we stick to it? Probably not … Here are the top 3 New Year’s resolutions in the UK and how you can stick to them religiously!


  1. Cut down on the junk

Let’s face it, Junk food is a necessity. I personally can’t go a day without having my sweet fix. Some of us are inclined to the God that is sugar and that’s fine, but it’s no secret that Britain is becoming an addicted nation. According to an article published by The Guardian in 2017, the UK is the most obese country in Europe. An alarming 29% of the population is by medical standards, severely overweight or obese. When I read that article, I was genuinely flabbergasted. Do you want to be a part of that statistic? The New Year is the best time for fresh changes and I know I’ll be cutting down on junk food in an attempt to improve my overall health. I mean, there’s no excuse now. There’s a whole range of sugar substitutes such as agave nectar, honey and fruit extracts which are available in the form of snack bars. Sure, they’re a little pricier than the average chocolate bar but is it not worth spending a little more if it means improving our health? To stick to this New Year’s resolution, my advice would be to first replace your naughty treats with a healthier alternative and swap your tea time biscuits for natural alternatives. Pop into your local supermarket, you’ll be surprised by the array of choice.

  1. Get fit

We’re all guilty of signing up for a gym and hardly attending. I guess we sign up to gyms because it makes us feel like we’re making progress in losing weight. It’s an expensive lesson to learn when you’ve paid hundreds of pounds for a 6 month membership and have only been on a treadmill twice. It shocks most people to learn that gyms aren’t the only way to keep fit. London parks host a range of free walks, runs and pop-up classes which are held on a weekly basis. I repeat, these events are FREE: all you need are your joggers and good pair of trainers. lists a range of free exercise events and activities which may interest you. Check out their website or pick up a magazine by the station for more information. If exercise really isn’t your thing, you could try getting of the bus or train a stop early on your way to school. You could try downloading an app which measures your steps: scientists say you need to take 10,000 steps a day to trim your waistline. To stick to this New Year’s resolution, my advice would be to find a free exercise class which focuses on an enjoyable activity such as dance, so it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising.


  1. Save money

We all wish we had limitless funds but in London, unless you’re a banker, that’ll probably never become reality. The closest thing we can do is save, save and save again! If you spend 90% in Oxford St then you probably have a spending problem but if you want genuine money saving advice, I’d suggest a few things.

1. Download a money tracking app -it’ll help you track and manage your spending
2. Have a realistic saving goal – Don’t try to save a ridiculous amount of your earnings and live like a peasant, it’ll just stress you out.
I’d suggest budgeting your spending and put away a modest amount into your savings account. You want to save but not to starve as a result!
3. Delete all temptations! Zara, H&M and Uniqlo apps must be deleted. To stick to this New Year’s resolution, my advice would be to save what you can and focus on your end goal.

Whatever the outcome of your New Year’s resolutions, have a joyous and prosperous 2019!

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