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The adventures of an intern at Bloomsbury International, London

Over the last two months I have been doing an internship at Bloomsbury International. It has been an unprecedented experience. Indeed, it was my first work experience in a foreign country and moreover it was my first office Job. So, it was a two-fold challenge:  learning a new job, how a language school like Bloomsbury works, and of course I had to work in English!

First and foremost, I would like to speak to you about London:  Actually this Internship was in a city that I didn’t know two months ago, and what a city! The biggest megalopolis in Europe, one of the few world-cities.

I had to adapt myself very quickly. Indeed, I began my experience with the terrible first week of July! Everyone was operating at their busiest. When I first came inside the school I saw a man running everywhere with an incredible energy (afterwards, I discovered it was Adam), a lot of children everywhere and at the front of the room the reception was located, which is where I went. I met Eva and Anja (Bloomsbury registrars) and I was immediately immersed in this crazy atmosphere. To be honest, at the beginning it was a bit stressful and I had to adapt myself to the language. But, thankfully, Eva and Anja always took the time to teach me what I had to do.

Indeed it is really complicated to understand the operations of a Language school when you are not inside, but after one week more or less, I understood the complete enrolment procedure of a student and I felt much more confident. Gradually I started to deal with students and teachers and I realized that if I stayed concentrated and mindful, it was easier to work all day long listening and speaking in English than I had expected. Of course, I have made a lot of mistake and I am still not fluent at all, but after two months of internship I am really more confident to speak in English. This experience has allowed me to learn a lot of vocabulary and to try to correct some mistakes that I was used to making.

This Internship allowed me to develop very important skills such as team work and organization. After two months I feel much more confident to work in a foreign environment. So, if I could give you some advice for future interns, it would be, go ahead, don’t worry, feel free to ask if you want to have new tasks (everybody here is going to be attentive with you) and if like me you are not fluent in English, don’t panic, being an Intern at Bloomsbury is a very good first experience if you want later to work in an Anglophone country!

Furthermore, you are going to discover a fabulous city. If you like a multicultural atmosphere, with this city and this Internship you are going to be more than happy. You have probably already heard that in London you can find any kind of food you wish from all over the world, well, if like me you are a food lover, you won’t be disappointed! London is a melting pot, a mix of cultures, architecture and influences.

Finally I would like to say thank you to all staff members and teachers of Bloomsbury for their warm and kind welcome!

Marceau Domenech


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