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Are you a foodie?

Are you a foodie?

Foodies are passionate about food and consider it a real privilege to experiment and try different cuisines. Whilst strolling along London pavements, you’re sure to see Indian curry houses, sushi bars, American diners, Turkish kebab shops and many other diverse foods.

London is a cosmopolitan city, rich with various cultures and traditions. Since the second world war, Great Britain has been home to all sorts of people, from across the globe. The Indian community has graced this island with cumin, turmeric and parathas which can be eaten with various hearty curries. The Turks boast baklava, a pastry-based treat that is enjoyed throughout the city. The East Africans brought injera with them, a tasty savoury pancake eaten as an accompaniment with main meals. Finally, where would we be without pizza? It has become part of our 5- a- day and we owe our Italian friends for introducing it to our grateful palates.

Summer is the perfect time to wander and have a gander, at the many cuisines London has to offer. The east end of London is a perfect place to start on your adventure. From Brick Lane to Upton Park, not forgetting the coveted hipster Shoreditch, you’re bound to find a dish which tickles your taste buds.

The upcoming Noting Hill carnival has been taking place since 1966. It is a celebration of Caribbean culture and identity, but it’s also ma chance for people to sample and experience the world-famous jerk chicken, with rice and peas. The Carnival runs through the west end and stretches to Ladbroke Grove. It’s a great opportunity to capture London’s diversity and put your foodie expertise to the test. Go along to the carnival this month, which starts on the 25th August – 27th August. Can you believe this extraordinary event is FREE? It doesn’t get more London than the Notting Hill carnival. Trust your inner foodie and see if you can list all the ingredients used to make jerk chicken.
If carnivals aren’t your thing, maybe food festivals are. London is always hosting various foodie events where the centre of attention is on flavour, spices and ingredients. In East London, a fairly new festival is coming to town with a special focus – all things halal! Halal is word used to describe food, which has been prepared in a special way. For meat, the blood is drained, and a special prayer is read on the meat prior to slaughter. For other foods such as cookies and desserts, it can’t contain any animal produce. It’s a way of ensuring the food Muslims eat is clean and free of impurities. If you fancy trying halal food, there’s a Halal food festival coming to the Docklands. There’ll be many stalls and markets, full of delicious and exciting food. Come and have a look, explore your inner foodie!

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