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Fun Words in British English: the Word Fancy

Hello everyone,

This week I am going to talk about the word FANCY. It has so many different meanings and is one of the most versatile and fun words in British English.

Try matching these sentences with their relative meanings:

Fancy costume party

1. Do you fancy a drink tonight?
2. Last night I went to a fancy restaurant.
3. I’ve been invited to a fancy dress party.
4. Fancy meeting you here!
5. My friend fancies you
6. He fancies himself as a bit of a singer
7. I’ve just passed my exam-fancy that!
8. Thinking about marrying Ryan Gosling was just a passing fancy.
9. He’s prone to flights of fancy
a) Like (in a romantic manner)
b) Think to be
c) To express surprise or shock
d) Hard to imagine
e) The faculty of imagination.
f) A superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction
g) Something elegant or posh
h) Feel a desire or liking for
i) A Costume

                                                                        Answers: 1 h, 2 g, 3 I, 4 c/d 5 a, 6 b, 7 c/d, 8 e, 9 f

Just remember that:Two woman at the outdoors cafe

Fancy can be a verb: Do you fancy a drink tonight? My friend fancies you
Fancy can be an adjective: Last night I went to a fancy restaurant
Fancy can be a noun: just a passing fancy, prone to flights of fancy
Fancy can be part of a stand-alone fixed expression: Fancy that!
Fancy can be part of a fixed expression followed by [verb+ing]: Fancy meeting/seeing you here!

So, if you fancy trying some out, see which ones take your fancy and use them in conversations outside the classroom. I am sure people will be impressed and will probably say or think ….. “Fancy that!”.


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