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My Favourite Words: The Definition of Pop

PopHello everyone,

This week I’m going to take a look at one of my favourite words in English: “POP”.
It has so many meanings and you wouldn’t believe how often we use it!

Here are some prime examples:
➢ Pop – a light explosion sound – The champagne bottle popped and everyone cheered.
➢ Pop – when you play with a pimple – I’ve just popped a spot.
➢ Pop – a fizzy soft drink – I’ve drunk so much pop today I feel so bloatedbottles-of-fizzy-drinks
➢ Pop – when something suddenly opens – My button has just popped open.
➢ Pop – when your eyes widen with surprise – My eyes popped when I saw the diamond ring he bought me.
➢ Pop – when you quickly put something small into your mouth – He popped the pill into his mouth and took a sip of water.
➢ Pop into – put something somewhere quickly – She popped her umbrella into her bag before leaving the house.
➢ Pop by – when somebody comes and visits you without notice – Susan just popped by for some sugar.
➢ Pop round – go and visit somebody without notice – I’m just going to pop round Jack’s to borrow some sugar.
➢ Pop back – return from a somewhere soon – Jack will pop back in a minute!Pregnant woman laughing
➢ Pop out – go somewhere for a few minutes – I’m sorry, Mr Jones is unavailable at the moment. He’s just popped out.
➢ Pop out – go somewhere quickly without notice – Sorry, I just need to pop out for a minute.
➢ Pop out – appear suddenly – That bear just popped out from nowhere.
➢ Take a pop at somebody – criticise someone to his face/or in public – I was so surprised when the train driver took a pop at me because I had bought the wrong ticket.
➢ A pop – in every occasion or circumstance – She gets paid £50 a pop.
➢ Ready to pop – when someone has eaten too much or is about to give birth – I am so full I might pop! I am so big now…. I can’t wait to have this baby! I’m ready to pop!

Can you think of any others?
Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog entry and will pop back for some more. I’m popping away for a minute now and will probably pop downstairs to get a coffee. I need to get away from this computer otherwise my eyes will pop! See you soon!

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