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Summer festivals

In England summer music festivals are very popular.  They cater for almost every musical taste and there it’s rock music, pop music, folk music, indie music or dance music.  There is something for everyone.

So what’s a music festival?

Well, it’s a festival of music usually with a theme such as musical genre, nationality or the locality of the musicians.  Music festivals are nearly always held outside.   They are mostly held outside and have a lot of other attractions and activities happening at the same time.  They are usually once a year and have different objectives, for example some are just for profit for the organisers and singers and others support special causes.  Some help new artists.

Festivals are not a recent thing.  They go back a long time.  The Pythian Games at Delphi included musical performances and is the earliest festival known and in the Middle Ages, festivals were often competitions.

There are many festivals around the world promoting different things.  The world’s largest festival is an 11 day event in the United States called Summerfest.  It has been running since 1999 and attracts between  800,000 – 1,000,000 people every year and has over 800 musical acts participating.

Glastonbury is England’s most famous festival and was established in the town of Glastonbury between 1914 – 1926  by classical composer Rutland Boughton and featured works by then contemporary composers.

So if you love music, why not go along and experience one of the festivals in England.

For some of the best festivals in England, click on the link below:



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