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Phobias: What are you afraid of?

The List of Phobias is Endless

This week we have been discussing phobias in our office.

It seems that everyone has something that they are afraid of.  It could be a fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) or the dark (Nyctophobia), and while these may seem irrational and silly if you don’t have a fear of these things, it is a very real problem for the person who has the phobia.  Sometimes it is so bad that the person suffering from the phobia is unable to leave their home.List of phobias, boy and girl in the forest confronting their phobias

It is not completely known why people have phobias but there is research that suggests that we have a phobia gene. Fortunately, there is a lot of support for people who do suffer from phobias.  There is exposure therapy, which is a form of  cognitive-behaviour therapy and it is the most effective treatment for anxieties and phobias.  During treatment, you will come face to face with your fear to help you and over time it will become better.

There are so many different phobias – the list is endless.  Did you know that there is a fear of the heart (Cardiophobia) or a fear of sitting (Cathisophobia).  So let’s have a look at the vocabulary for some of these phobias.  Can you guess what the words on the right are a phobia of on the left?  Have a go at matching them up below:

List of phobias guessing game

1 Ablutophobia A Fear of drinking.
2 Agliophobia B Fear of pain.
3 Ambulophobia C Fear of microbes.
4 Bacillophobia D Fear of hair.
5 Botanophobia E Fear of rooms.
6 Chaetophobia F Fear of crowds.
7 Clinophobia G Fear of walking.
8 Dipsophobia H Fear of ideas.
9 Enochlophobia I Fear of forests.
10 Genuphobia J Fear of cooking.
11 Hylophobia K Fear of plants.
12 Ideophobia L Fear of words.
13 Koinoniphobia M Fear of knees.
14 Logophobia N Fear of going to bed.
15 Mageirocophobia O Fear of washing or bathing.


1. O 2. B 3. G 4. C 5. K 6. D 7. N 8. A 9. F 10. M 11. I 12. H 13. E 14. L 15. J

You’ll find all the phobias listed in the English Dictionary. Learn more about how words make it into the English Dictionary here.



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